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Leave Planning (Assign Leaves, option 1) Plan Leaves for your team Click on the Plus…

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Leave Planning (Assign Leaves, option 1)

hrms leave management and planning

  1. Plan Leaves for your team
  2. Click on the Plus icon to add leave for a given day. The assign leave popup will open, where you
    can continue with the Simple steps of assigning a leave.
  3. If you want to assign leave for several days, select the assign leave button on the top right.
  4. You can see the leave balance for a person, based on the leave policies that you have set.

Assign Leave (Option 2)

  1. Select Assign leave under Manage people, menu, select the Assign leave page.
  2. Click the Assign Leave button.
  3. Select the Person you wish to assign a leave.
  4. Select leave type, Start and End Date, Comments.
  5. Select the status as either accepted or scheduled.

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